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Li-SoCL2 battery

Main Features:
1.Specifical capacity reach to 430wh/kg.
2.open circuit voltage ≥3.64V, 90% battery capacity input it with same voltage at the high voltage platform.
3.Working Temperature Range from -55℃ to +85℃.
4.Self-discharge rate is less than 1% at 20℃ environment.
5.Long life span(over 10 years at low working current area)
6.High environmental protection,without any heavy metal.

energy type battery

Main application:
1.Smart structure: Electronic Meter ,Water meter, Gas meter, Electricity meter.
2.Safety device:Alarm device,Confidential cabinet,  portable monitoring device.
3.Civil application:RAM and CMOS circuit,Oil exploration and medical equipment. Burglar alarm and so on.Magnetic card phone, tire TPMS equipment monitoring system, electronic memory device support, night-vision goggles.
4.Military area:Search and rescue equipment, GPS transmitter receiver jammers, emergency position indicating, sonar, various kinds of ray with the fuse.

high power battery

-Cameras/ Radios / Watches / Calculators / Computers
-Civil and military communication instruments
-CMOS memory backup / IC card / Memory card
-Medical equipment / Health care devices
-Alarms / Meter
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