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Li-MnO2 battery

1.It is about 3 to 10 times more energy density than any other secondary battery. The energy density of Li-MnO2 battery is up to 370Wh/kg and above.

2.High and Stable Operating Voltage:CR Series >3.0V (OCV 3.3V).
3.The operating temperature endures from -50℃ to +85℃.

5.low self discharge characteristics in storage at 20℃ and dry environment, and yearly capacity loss of the CR series less than 1% .Up to 10 years operating life for some application based on different current.

6.The wastes are naturally degradable or no long-term pollution to environment.

Li-SoCL2 battery

Main Features:
1.Specifical capacity reach to 430wh/kg.
2.open circuit voltage ≥3.64V, 90% battery capacity input it with same voltage at the high voltage platform.
3.Working Temperature Range from -55℃ to +85℃.
4.Self-discharge rate is less than 1% at 20℃ environment.
5.Long life span(over 10 years at low working current area)
6.High environmental protection,without any heavy metal.

Ultra thin card design battery

1.High single cell voltage
2.Light weight
4.High security
5.Stable operating voltage
6.Wide operating temperature range
7.Low self-discharge rate
8.Restricted for UL, UN38.3 and ROHS

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