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energy type battery

Key Features:

Main application:
1.Smart structure: Electronic Meter ,Water meter, Gas meter, Electricity meter.
2.Safety device:Alarm device,Confidential cabinet,  portable monitoring device.
3.Civil application:RAM and CMOS circuit,Oil exploration and medical equipment. Burglar alarm and so on.Magnetic card phone, tire TPMS equipment monitoring system, electronic memory device support, night-vision goggles.
4.Military area:Search and rescue equipment, GPS transmitter receiver jammers, emergency position indicating, sonar, various kinds of ray with the fuse.

Model Number Nominal Voltage Overall dimensions Nominal Capacity Other
ER10450 3.6V Φ10.2*46.2*5.5mm 700mAh
ER13150 3.6V Φ13.5*15.7*4.4mm 450mAh
ER14250 3.6V Φ14.5*25.1*4.4mm 1200mAh
ER13460 3.6V Φ13.5*46.2*4.4mm 1500mAh
ER14335 3.6V Φ14.5*33.2*4.4mm 1650mAh
ER14505 3.6V Φ14.5*50.5*4.4mm 2400mAh
ER17335 3.6V Φ17.0*33.5*4.4mm 2100mAh
ER17505 3.6V Φ17.0*50.5*4.4mm 3400mAh
ER18505 3.6V Φ18.5*50.5*5.5mm 4000mAh
ER26500 3.6V Φ26.2*50.5*7.5mm 8500mAh
ER34615 3.6V Φ34.0*61.5*8.0mm 19000mAh
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