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Equipment Display

Typical Functions:
1、Measure powder materials with surface area more than 0.01m²/g;
2、Examine & calculate surface area for all kinds of powder chemicals and porous materials.
Important  Features:
1、Degassing and testing combined in one process;
2、No air contact, high efficiency and accuracy of sampling testing;
3、Computerized system with color spectrum and Nitrogen differential pressure.

Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)
Typical Functions:
1、Observe combination homogeneity of raw materials;
2、Examine the purity of chemicals;
3、Examine the quality of semi-finished products.
Important Features:
1、Wide enlarging scale: 15~300000 times;
2、Applicable in dry powders, aluminum foils, cathode & anode;
3、Clear images for visual inspection and printing.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Typical Functions:
1、Check the homogeneity of dry powders, emulsions, suspensions;
2、Process the data of particle diameter by its software system
Important Features:
1、Developed and technically supported by Malvern;
2、Measures materials in a broad range from 0.02µm to 2000µm ;
3、High testing accuracy using Malvern Quality Audit Standards

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